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I can communicate with many of my own powerful spirit guides.  My guides are animal, ancestral as well as Native American Indian guides and angels. Because of my spiritual-intuitive connection and sight, I am able and offer you personalized Spirit Guide Drawings and Psychic Tarot readings.

I also offer Spiritual Growth Drawings, specially designed for your spiritual development. I can connect with your essence and intuit helpful information for your special needs and knowledge. These drawings may be portals for you to connect with your own guides or they may be used to increase your spiritual vibration. My artwork is created specifically for what you are needing right now in your life to feel supported, guided and balanced.

My work unifies skill and intuition that enhances and supports spiritual purpose and empowerment for others. When I create spiritual artwork, it is spiritually charged for you to shift and heal karmic blocks, release limitations and open positive energies.

Another special offering is Personal Progression Art spiritually energized to visually awaken subconscious insight as well as align and strengthen your soul’s purpose. This offering will be coming soon.

I invite you to visit all the pages I offer here, so you may learn more about me, my spiritual artwork and psychic readings.

You are welcome to contact me anytime. psychicpuja@yahoo.com